The Story......

Keith Dunn (UK) West Country singer/songwriter & Producer born in the south of England singing from an early age . 

Self taught guitarist ,keyboard & harmonica player writing pure soulful easy listening music with inspiration from Elvis, John Denver, Neil Diamond & other 80 s music.

Songs can be just be the naked guitar and vocal to electronic upbeat tempos.

I decided a long ago to stand alone without the help of record companies and truly believed that the music the words and the sounds were the real meaning of creating wonderful music to listen and enjoy.

Not required are million pound recording contracts but the talent to write and inspire people through the sound and song should stand alone.

The pure essence of creation is surely the main aim of any musician not the fake pop star world we all are led to believe.

I have been blessed to have been writing such songs from life experiences & yes I have experienced much and until you have you cannot catch that moment truly.

My music is written with sincere thought in the hope it brings many smiles to peoples faces and that I have made a difference in an ever changing world.

Currently working on my New Album to give further Hope,inspiration and enjoyment to all - my back catalogue is in the triple figures so plenty to choose from !

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*May we all live in a peaceful happy world and may music be always in our hearts.*


Keith Dunn